If you reach the final table of any Tournament, you can submit the results each week to gain Red Club points that appear on the AT leaderboard.  The points are also added to your total points on the Championship Qualifiers leaderboard.

  • 11 Players Minimum - All Tournaments over 10 Players are valid for AT points. Points are earned based on the Number of Players in the tournament.
  • One submission per email.
  • Deadline is 5:00 AM each Wednesday for your weekly AT point submissions.
  • Maximum of Ten (10) AT results can be submitted per week. You can play as many tournaments as you like but can only submit the top ten results per week. Real Money and ticket entry Tournaments are both accepted. Freerolls are not.
  • No Final Table deal-making tournaments will be accepted.

Email all of the following information to with the
Subject Line: AT - Your Member Number - Date of Tournament - Finish Position
(Example: Subject: "AT - 99999 – November 9, 2014 – 2nd")

    1. Full Name
    2. Member Number
    3. Screen Name
    4. Tournament Date
    5. Total number of Players in the Tournament
    6. Finish Position
    7. Verification: Screen Capture. You must provide a "Screen Capture" of the TOURNAMENT LOBBY showing the tournament details and your Top 10 result/finish for the submission to be valid.

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